Music and Soundtrack Creation

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I'm in need of someone who is talented at music creation with programs such as Garageband, ProTools, LogicPro, FL, etc. to create music for my videos. I'm always looking for music to use in my videos, as well as my porn companies videos, to add the to ambience of the film. Instead of spending hours pouring through songs in the Creative Commons to find one that kinda fits, I'd much rather call on the talents of a slave who has the skills necessary to make music for me when needed.

Choose from one of these three projects:

  • 1 minute song 60 BPM. It starts quiet and ominous, and 30 seconds in it builds to a crescendo of dark techno-like music with a catchy beat. Something that could be in a video about vampires

  • 1 min 30 sec loop track 100 BPM. Soothing electro music that could be looped in the back of a boy/girl vanilla sex scene and not overpower the noises

  •  2 minute rock song 85 BPM. No vocals, instrumental only. Grunge, Classic Metal, or Goth rock are all acceptable genres to try with this, as long as it could work for a soundtrack to a video. This can be real instruments you play or generated with a program, but I'd like to know you can do multiple styles.

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Bonus Challenge

 In addition to one of the songs above, also send a  3 - 8 minute song of your choice, but must include a build-up and 3 seperate distinct parts that meld together. Any tempo, any style, as long as you could see it working in the back of a video.